Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Everyone Loves Winter!

Tangibly continuing a theme from my last post I suppose (to the extent that the title is similar)...the difference today being I'm actually going to way lyrically about how good the weather was! It was very very cold and very very clear and sunny. The perfect winter day if you ask me. I do not like the wet, dull, grey, cold days-I am much more a fan of crisp, refreshing, invigorating sunny winter weather and today delivered just that! I did my Bontgoch-Tal y Bont-Borth loop to get a few easy hours in and got rather lost in the scenery (so to speak). A fresh, ruler straight, snow line on the hills further inland from maybe 900/1000ft up observed from nearly 800 ft really did warrant a pause...

Little bit of art for you Sir?

You may recognise the view from previous post photos as I do have a habit of stopping there quite a bit :/ Anyway, phone camera really doesn't do the view justice; it was piercingly clear and sharp and-well, a bit difficult to describe if I'm honest, but imagine brilliant winter sunshine combined with fresh coastal air. Yeah like that.

I am slightly in love with Bontgoch, if you ever get a chance to walk/ride/drive through on a nice day you will see why.

On a completely unrelated topic I am currently in the process of removing a massive oil stain left on my carpet after my in-room turbo session yesterday. (D'oh!) That'll teach me not to put anything under the turbo...I'm using white spirit (sparingly), so if I randomly post nonsensical nonsense or just never post again it's because I've either got high off the fumes...or the Uni Accomodation staff have found it and I'm in the Kühler. Gulp. ;D

In other news, I got two posters through the post yesterday. One of Mercx en jaune (bien sur) and the other of The Classic Anquetil-Poulidor Puy de Dôme duel. The latter is one of those shots I can look at for hours...a great example of what happens when suffering meets an iron Will. You can really get an impression for the fierce rivalry that existed between the two:
I love old cycilng photos like this. Black and White adds such an atmosphere.

Brush up on votre Francais!

Speaking of Black and White!
Oooo depth of field. 

Last photo for today, view towards Machynlleth (over the hill...kinda)

Hope you enjoyed today's pictorial edition. I just wish I'd had a proper camera with me to at least go some way to capturing some of the sheer visual feast presented to me!


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