Monday, 27 February 2012

A Solid Weekend of Riding

Title says it all really. I figured that as I was missing out on the Clayton Velo Spring Classic (the Northern season opener) I should probably do something a bit different this weekend. 

So we (a contingent of the Uni Club) did. 3 days, 171 miles, 9 hours and around 13,000ft of climbing. Good fun, did a couple of jaw-droppingly beautiful sections of Welsh road, ate quite a bit, had a few laughs. 

I am trying (and failing) to get Windows Movie Maker to perform it's intended function and collate all the videos/photos from yesterday; but so far all it's managing to do is make me want to throw my laptop through the window. Every single time I try, it crashes. Without fail. It got to 98% complete saving the video before...and crashed. Now it barely gets past the storyboard section. Honestly, sometimes I hate technology with a fierce, unbridled passion. Why is that? These things are designed to make our lives easier and more pleasant surely? And why is it always Microsoft products that do this? Why do you never hear Mac users screaming at their machines? I know. It's a conspiracy. I bet Microsoft have shares in major Pharmaceutical companies that specialise in stress relief drugs. You read it here first.

If I don't post again for a while then you can probably guess what's happened.

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