Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter Version 2.0

Bet you've been waiting for this. 'I remember a post he did called Winter Version long until it becomes ver2.0?' well here it is! Nothing that exciting to be honest, first full week of the new training plan, went well...usual training babble! As I mentioned the other day I've started doing intervals again now and managed to recover sufficiently from Thursday's 'interesting' session to do another 3 days since then-so it's all good!

In need of sleep as a result of that-and still have an essay to finish off and revision to do (maybe tomorrow), so I'll leave you with:

So Stats for this week:
  • 12 hours,
  • 190miles
  • 15.8mph average
  • Approximately 15,000ft of climbing (told you it was hilly!), 
  • Roughly 150bpm average HR (maxed out at 197bpm a couple of times on hill efforts, sounds high-and it is-but still a good few below my maximum)
I won't be posting particulars of sessions up here obviously, but that should give you a rough idea of the week!

Couple of things I've realised; 
  • even a 'recovery' ride round here seems to entail more climbing than a 'hilly training' ride back home.
  • It's sooo easy for average speed to drop. Especially when you have to climb back up a rather large hill, tired, at the end of a ride. The same one that you hurtled down with gleeful abandon, fresh, earlier in the day.
  • If your rear mudguard clip brakes within the first 10miles of a ride, you will want to rip the thing off and throw it asunder before the end. 
  • Caffeine gels have no effect whatsoever on me. Which is a bit of a disappointment if I'm honest; took one as I ventured off alone into the wind for the last hour today and if anything it lowered my heart rate and made me go slow! Could be down to hydration, but I think I covered that. Oh well, best experiment with freeze dried coffee ;)
I'll be back next week, sans essay and revision and hopefully with the race bike here! Can't wait :D

Bonne nuit a tous.

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